I’m Silver and i’m currently 35, i have a 7yr old daughter i call monkey (not her real name). We live in a nice 2 bed house that is in a lovely location, we spend a lot of time doing different crafts and adventures… I’m unusual in the fact that i have Aspergers and was diagnosed a yr ago but its only a small part of who i am. I have obsessions like most people with ASD. My obsessions are craft related. I love colouring and am often on Kit & Clowder Facebook page. We try lots of things out and experiment… My favourite is my fairy ink art as i can add glitter and sparkles. We like most things girly (i dont like pink), i have turned my hand to many crafts over the years but only a few have stuck… I currently sew, crochet, colour and occasionally card make, i’m a crafty bit hoarder, lol. I also enjoy taking photos and playing with colours.

Monkey is 7 and also a crafting lovely 😀 she enjoys colouring and creating. she is learning to become herself through her art…. She is doing fantastic with her digi colouring, she enjoys colouring aurora wings “sprites”, Ching-Chou Kuik’s Images and some of Jade Dragonne’s images. Monkey LOVES her dresses, so i sew her 1 or 2 when i can… She is a fantastic mathematician and avid reader.

We have regular contact with my parents, Monkey chats to g regularly and we see nanny at least once a week. Nanny is also a crafter so we chat a lot about it all ahaha

I have a (soon to be 18) niece, we see 2-3 times a year when she comes down, and a (soon to be 21) nephew, who we don’t see very often as he’s busy with life 😀 Other than that, mostly we dont see or speak to rest of family.

My friend Lee reckons i have a lot to say but we shall see… (i forget to do things!)