i decided i should try journaling (again) and i have been struggling badly so i did my usual “search pinterest” and found that there was loads of ideas. Decorating pages are one of the MANY ideas.

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also i compiled a list of prompts to help i originally jotted down 100 but i have shortened it down to the ones i am likely to use…

  1. what make you… YOU!]
  2. what makes you laugh/cry, happy/sad
  3. your goals/wants/needs
  4. describe your surroundings
  5. tell as story about your family
  6. most people don’t know this but….
  7. your favourite things
  8. photo log pages of special occasions/moments
  9. use quotes
  10. use letters of the names to describe character
  11. use bullet points instead of  sentences
  12. fill in the blanks (if i were a superhero i would….)
  13. use the journal prompts
  14. place descriptive word strips/add pockets/inserts
  15. record funny moments conversations
  16. guest journalling… (get someone else to do your journal page for you)
  17. stamp/ink backgrounds
  18. what’s in my head?
  19. doodles
  20.  write a list of wishes
  21. tapping prompts (eft)
  22. crystals and what they do
  23. grateful for…
  24. self portrait and description of yourself by yourself and someone else
  25. draw your family tree and list and abbreviation you use like mom – angie
  26. meditations/affirmations
  27. spiritual outlook
  28. lists of achievements, books read,etc…
  29. craft ideas
  30. colours
  31. makes, progress and photos of them
  32. write a greeting statement and plan of use
  33. summary of current situation (home, job, friends, family, life)
  34. feelings and experiences
  35. to do list
  36. experiments
  37. a-z things you want do do and inspir you
  38. fun words
  39. to try lists
  40. memories
  41. best/worst decision you have ever made
  42. first list – first kiss, job, teacher, first concert….
  43. talents and strengths
  44. rainy day ides
  45. should do but dont wannas (chores, see people…)
  46. someone i admire and why
  47. ways to relax
  48. things i find beautiful]in your bag list
  49. proud of list
  50. favourite websites
  51. life questions
  52. feas/worries
  53. looking forward to…
  54. reminds you of home
  55. list of unusual things
  56. list of what you cant survive without
  57. jokes
  58. if i were a zillionaire
  59. pet peeves
  60. things to do when bored/sad
  61. best part of the day
  62. favourite digis/colours/blends
  63. how to be happy
  64. why you love each season
  65. random facts about me 10-100
  66. creativity – things that inspire you to keep creative
  67. dream home
  68. how you would better your life
  69. list of ideas to do with monkey and mom
  70. favourite things in nature
  71. manifest
  72. love to touch/sensory
  73. dreams and hopes
  74. random thoughts
  75. house rules/dos and donts

my journal has nothing in there yet but thats coz i am unsure where to begin do i ink more or do i writ,e if i write what do i write, who’s like to read and see it?

also i have  habit of overthinking things hahaha